Fox Virtual Tours represents the creative drive and passion of Brad Lawrence, an award-winning Google Trusted Photographer.  As a boy, Brad was heavily influenced by his grandfather’s love of photography.  In the days before digital photography, Brad would watch in awe as his grandfather developed film from his many travels in his basement darkroom.  Brad’s passion for photography blossomed during a semester of study in the Netherlands, when he lived by a canal in the photogenic old city of Delft.  His time living in Holland also created a fascination with windmills– and sewed the seeds for his Google Virtual Tour of the Fox Valley’s historic Fabyan Windmill many years later.

Brad later developed an avid interest in panoramic photography, and when the Google Street View | Trusted program gave professional photographers the opportunity to create panoramic Street View virtual tours, he knew he had found a perfect fit for his passion and creativity.  Brad has since created a richly diverse portfolio of Google Virtual Tours including restaurants, shops, fitness clubs, salons, showrooms, a boutique hotel, banquet halls, churches, museums, historic theaters, park district facilities, a beautiful windmill, and two large Minor League Baseball ballparks.  Brad was recognized for his work at the highest level by winning the 2013 Marketing/PR Award from Google.  His trip to receive his award as a guest at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California was an experience of a lifetime.

Brad approaches each project with the same high standards for excellence.  He brings his skill and creative vision to businesses of every size and type, and prides himself on his ability to create a virtual tour which presents them in the best way possible.  He loves what he does, and it shows in his work.

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